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kirin+lab are testing on 3d art, sculptures and 3D printed design, we make an inspiring art installation. Design in different kind of master piece in art and sculptures. Creative art by our professional skills transform meaningfully shape, it will making art pieces to beyond imagination.

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The Wing 展翅




Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS52.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS54.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS55.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS56.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS57.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS59.jpg
Sculpture entry 001_2nd round_CS53.jpg

Respect – Without Limitation  無界限


Grand Prize 金獎

MTR • Tiara Sculpture Competition  



The sculpture design took inspiration from the unique characteristics of the Möbius strip: a form that has no definite edges, no definite boundaries. It symbolizes that love and respect among people should not be segregated by nationality, race, age, gender, language and geographic demarcation.

The artwork uses glass and mirror polished metal finish as the main material to create this powerful infinity symbol “∞”. Glass engraving technique is used to produce flows of text formed by the word “respect” presented in different languages in relation to the minority races in Hong Kong. The pattern wraps around the sculpture in a way that one cannot distinguish if it belongs to the outside or the inside surface. The uncanny nature of the sculpture allows viewers to wonder, query and reflect. The sculpture represents the idea that respect should have no boundaries, no constraints, no limitation.


MTR.Tiara Sculpture Competition Prototype Exhibition
Nine winning works have been developed into prototypes for the MTR.Tiara Sculpture Competition Prototype Exhibition currently on view at the Tiara Sales Office in Shenzhen. Each piece will be transformed into a life-size sculpture by MTR Property Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited and presented in MTR’s first “rail-plus-property” project in the Mainland of China


Without Limitation by Kirin Leung and Koren Sin  


MTR.Tiara Sculpture Competition
Organiser: MTR Property Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited
Artistic Partners: Public Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Competition details:


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