Paul Rudolph: The Hong Kong Journey

Location :

AIA New York | Center for Architecture , United States


The Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation


Remastering , Architecture​ Modeling and Virtual reality


On the occasion of Paul Rudolph’s Centennial, The Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation and The Center for Architecture are pleased to present Paul Rudolph: The Hong Kong Journey, an exhibition of previously unseen drawings, sketches and renderings highlighting a fascinating chapter in the architect’s dynamic and productive architectural career. “This is because we must use architecture, and the conditions of that use are constantly modified by matters both physical and spiritual. It may be the weather, the time of the year, our own particular time of life; our personal activities; our mood; the economic, political or philosophical twists and turns of fate; but, most importantly, it will be modified by our particular reading, and re-reading, of history.” -The DNA of Architecture, 1974

  • Funding for this exhibition was provided by The Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation.

Remake master Paul Rudolph's work with new content: drone video documentary, reproduce 3D print models and VR(virtual reality) experience to exhibit in the AIA center of architecture New York .


Kirin Arron , Roberto

Status: Completed in 2018